Ju-do The Way of Gentleness [PDF – ENG])


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Version: 18/05/2018

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Ju-do The Way of Gentleness

Let’s find out what Judo is together

Judo is an education, a martial art and an Olympic sport.

A clear method, consisting of attack and defense techniques with which to train, so that the mind can reflect the same logic in dealing with everday life. Life is made of continous situations in which it must react appropriately, and sometimes reacting hard (Go), sometimes avoiding situations (Chowa) and sometimes letting go of energy completely (Yawara)  to direct them exclusively to positivity.

By reading this Judo brochure, we have a chance to go down the same path as a Judoka, although only for a brief moment, we sense the same experience as when we step foot on a mat.


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